The Pudim Minecraft Servers

We, the greatest corporation that has ever existed, also have a state of the art, very fast, and never lagged official minecraft server. Feel free to join if you wish. (note that any imperfections you notice in our services are aways your fault because we are perfect and we would never make any mistakes like ever)

We used to have a minimap with an interactive map of the world. However, due to the obscene size it took to store (almost 100gb distributed over 2 million individual files), we decided to officially retire it. Currently you can at least appreciate a bunch of cool screenshots we took of the most interesting places.

How to access it

To make your life simpler, we configured a bungee server in such a way you can access all the servers with the same hostname! There, you can find the older server created on minecraft 1.14, the newer server that was created on 1.16, as well as other worlds by simply using the /server command (did you know you can autocomplete names with the tab key?). The current suported worlds are:

lobby (1.16), adminIsland, imeServer, oldServer

To access the server, use the following details:


Version: 1.17